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WHS Attendance Office

The success of a student is the focus of the Wadsworth City Schools, and one of the most important elements for success is a student’s attendance. The goal of the WHS Attendance Office is to accurately track students’ attendance and communicate that information to parents / guardians, teachers and administrators.

Communication from the Attendance Office

If your student is absent from school without notification by the parent / guardian to the attendance office, you will receive a Remind message that morning to inform you of your student’s absence. If we have not yet heard from a parent / guardian later in the school day, you will receive an automated call from an administrator. Please reach out to the WHS Attendance Office so your student’s absences are not considered truancies.

School districts are required by law to inform parents / guardians of their student’s absences from school. If your student’s attendance meets certain thresholds throughout the school year, you will receive a letter and may be invited to a meeting with the Absence Intervention Team (AIT) with a goal of addressing the attendance issues and developing a plan to improve attendance.

Scheduling Absences for your Student

There are many ways to communicate an absence to the WHS Attendance Office. The important part is that we do hear from a parent / guardian when a student is absent! The easiest way to schedule an absence for your student is by utilizing the Visitu app (see Visitu section below for more information). You can also leave a message for the WHS Attendance Office at 330-335-1370, email Mindy Workman (, or send a note in with your student.

Students, regardless of age, are not allowed to call themselves off of school. Please ensure that a parent or guardian communicates with the WHS Attendance Office regarding all absences.


The easiest way to let the school know your student will be absent is by utilizing the Visitu mobile app. With Visitu, you can schedule your students’ absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals and receive instant notification when your student checks in or out.

Download the Visitu app here:  Apple Store   Google Play  

To Login: Use the email address you entered in FinalForms to log into your Visitu account.

If you would like more info on using the Visitu app, feel free to check out these links:

If you are experiencing issues with the Visitu app, please email Chris Sieber, Assistant Principal (


1st Period begins at 7:35 AM. Students who come to school later than their normal start time will be required to sign in at the Attendance Office. Students are considered tardy to school if they are not in their assigned class when the late bell rings.

The Attendance Office will keep a record of each student’s tardiness to school. The school will take action for all unexcused tardies. Students who are tardy five (5) or more times per grading period may be subject to disciplinary action.

If your student arrives at school more than one hour late, it is required that we hear from a parent or guardian. If your student is going to be late, please reach out to the Attendance Office.

Early Dismissals

If your student needs to leave school during the school day, please let the Attendance Office know ahead of time. This will expedite your student’s exit. You can reach us via phone, email, sending a note in with your student, or utilizing the Visitu app.

Know about a dismissal ahead of time? Using the Visitu app is a great way to schedule dismissals in the days or weeks prior to the dismissal.

Last minute dismissal? If you have a last minute dismissal, please call the Attendance Office directly at 330-335-1370 if you need your student to leave within the hour. 

Your student is texting you because they feel sick? Please direct your student to visit the School Clinic. This is the correct route for students to leave school when feeling ill.


As a reminder, all vacations need to be approved ahead of time by Dr. Vincent Suber, Principal, in order to be considered excused absences. Parents / Guardians, please email and be sure to include the dates of your vacation. Students, please communicate with your teachers regarding any upcoming absences.

College Visits / Career/Military Planning

Absences due to college visits or career/military obligations should be scheduled ahead of time on the College/Career Day Visitation Form. To navigate to the form on the WHS website, go to Department Pages and select Guidance Department, then click the plus sign next to  Information for Seniors and it is the first link (College Visit Form) under College Planning. This information is shared with the WHS Attendance Office.

In order for these absences to be considered excused, proof of the visit must be turned in to the WHS Attendance Office either in person or by emailing Mindy Workman,

Driving School

Although some driving schools will pick students up at WHS, WHS/WCS is not affiliated with any driving school. Driving schools do not communicate scheduling information with WHS or the WHS Attendance Office. Please ensure that you communicate with the WHS Attendance Office if your student will be leaving during the school day for driving school. Absences due to driving school are considered unexcused.

Student Handbook

For more information on Attendance, see Section 1 of the WHS Student Handbook.