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Student Fee Expense List

Wadsworth High School

Student Expense List


*Fees can be paid in the Main Office, or online

General Items



Instructional Fee
(District Wide – All Students)
Classroom materials assessment to defray material costs to District
Activity Athletic
Participation Assessment Fee
Athletics/Drama/Most Activities & Club/Speech & Debate
Ranges from $25 - $100
General Supplies
Personally purchased by student/parent (Various items needed for classes, purchased prior to and during the school year as needed)
Notebooks, folders, paper, pens, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, compass, colored pencils, note cards
Senior Fees
Cap, Gown, & Tassel
Parking Passes
As available based upon spots
Specialized Area
Approximate Cost
Physical Education
Combination lock 
(Master lock recommended)
Math Calculator
Graphic Calculator TI83 or TI84
Instrumental Music
Garment bag, shoes, various items such as reeds (woodwinds), sticks/mallets (percussion), oils/polished (brass)*
Career Tech Programs
Club dues, uniforms, kits, tools*
*Items are kept by student as needed.
Cost varies 
(inquire with instructor)
WHS Specific Course Fees 2022-23:
(BOE Approved)
Intro to Art, Art 2D1 & Art 2D2
Art 3D1 & Art 3D2
Advanced Art and AP Art
Basic Electricity
Foundations of Technology
Music Appreciation/Theory
Nutrition and Wellness
Practical Living
Science Classes
Woods 1
Woods 2 & 3

Note:  Students will need simple earbuds for testing on computer—suggest a very inexpensive pair.